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Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman


This great Dr. Seuss style book is a current favorite of Lizzie’s! I love these book for new readers for multiple reasons. First, they are extremely repetitive using the same small words over and over. This helps new readers to be able to ‘help’ you read the story because of so much exposure to the words. After just a few readings of this book Lizzie now says, “Go!” This is a new word for her that I certainly haven’t been encouraging her to say. So even babies as young as Lizzie can learn to ‘read’ with you when using this Dr. Seuss style of writing.

Another reason I love this book is that it is full of Kindergarten sight words that the kids are busy practicing all year round. There is a list of sight words that Kindergarten chompers need to learn that are impossible to sound out. The normal reading strategies of sounding words out and blending the sounds together will not apply to these sight words. For example: the, what, I, there, where, like, etc. are all sight words for Kindergarten chompers. These books are perfect reads for them since they offer more exposure and practice for these words and help instill confidence as they succeed in reading!

Finally, the story is chalk full of words that are easy to sound out. Kids can use their letter sound knowledge to blend the sounds together and successfully read the word. For example words like  up: /u/ + /p/= up, or let /l/ + /e/ + /t/= let! These words are easy to sound out and read even if you have never seen the word before.

After reading the book (over and over!!) with Lizzie, I thought of some card games that would help your chompers apply the concepts in the book. Positional words are all over the place- in front of, behind, under, over, on top of, next to, inside, outside- these words are used on each page over and over. I’ve created some games for little chompers to use to help them practice understanding these positional words. I hope you can use and enjoy some of these activities!!

Be sure to check them all out 🙂

1- Positional Word Game: Game Cards and Picture Cards! Print off the game cards and pictures cards for the positional game. They can do this independently, in pairs, or in small groups! They each get a set of picture cards and game cards to cut out. (If you are using this as a group activity, each group only needs one set of game cards.) Have your chompers put the game cards face down in a pile. They take turns drawing a card and following the directions. For example they might draw: “The blue crayon is on top of the crayon box.” They’ll find their blue crayon picture card and place it on top of their crayon box picture card. So they are manipulating their picture cards based on their game card directions.

2. Game Extensions– Have the chompers create their own game cards!

3. Matching Game– Big and Little picture card practice. Sort pictures by big items, little items or match big and little items together!

4. Cut and Glue worksheet using positional words.

5. Drawing activity– Chompers draw their own picture and write their own positional sentences.

6. Oral directions practice– teacher/parents uses oral directions as the kids draw what he/she is describing.

I hope these will keep your little chompers happy and engaged  🙂 Enjoy!


– Read other Dr. Seuss style books with your little chomper

– While reading the story with your little chomper- pause before reading each word that your little chomper knows, point to it and give them a chance to say it first before you read it. Or you could choral read- where you are reading the story in sync together. With really young kids like Lizzie, pick one word they can say like ‘Go!’ and encourage them to say that each time you encounter the word. If they don’t always get it, no worries! They are interacting and engaged and trying!! Give praise regardless 🙂 Even if ‘Go’ sometimes sounds like ‘No’ hey at least they are trying! Say yes that’s it ‘go!’

– Use pictures from other books or magazines to continue positional word practice. Ask questions based on the picture such as “what object is in front of the teddy bear?” or ‘”can you circle the object under the chair?”

– Lizzie is a huge fan of sticker books lately. Use stickers to create a picture and ask positional questions based on their creations. This can be done with stickers, magnets, paints, anything! You can tell them where to place things or let them go crazy creating and then ask them questions about their picture!

– Incorporate the words learned from Go, Dog. Go! into a baking activity. ‘Poor the flour inside the bowl.’ ‘Pour the sprinkles on top of the cupcake.’

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